Welcome to our School blog!

This will be your front page. You could have a text such as:


Welcome to Demo Primary School’s blogging website

Each of you will be adding your own blog content on a weekly basis, as well as editing blog content, should it be needed.

The purpose of a blog is to allow a person to regularly update a page in an informal or conversational style.

Accessing yours and others blog pages

Click your class link at the top of the page, then click a persons name to see their blog posts.


Anything you put on the blogs can be seen by Mr Smith, even if you delete it.


On the right hand side are two Widgets. The first will contain the 10 most recent blog posts and the second shows monthly archives of blog posts.

In the navigation menu at the top will be links to your school’s classes. On these pages will be students names, and once clicked, will display all of their blog posts.

The Home button in the navigation menu will bring you back to this page.

In the header (above the navigation menu) will be the name of your school, or your school logo.